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OUR MISSION: we are YOUR INDEPENDENT ADVISORY elevate your success in large-scale SAP transformation programs



We enable your
Business & IT team via Training - or 1:1 Coaching


We support planning, setup & execution of your transformation program


We empower your supplier & vendor liaison - in favor of your contracts


We support operations - in case you need us



Fed up from  "digital transformation pretenders" and "disruption bubbles"? So are we! 

The simple truth is: creating a breathtaking user experience, setup a new business model or global digitalization program is foremost one thing: HARD WORK!


to make it look simple, exciting and breathtaking you have to do the even harder work than your competitors. We call it the "heavy lifting"! Anybody telling you something different may be one of the numerous digital transformation bingo players showing up more and more.


we do the "heavy lifting": outstanding experience, a tremendous set of consulting assets & method pool and access to a global network of hand-selected senior experts. Our foundation to facilitate your ERP / CRM / SCM or eCommerce programs.

We are independent from service- and solution providers and so can act as neutral instance or your ambassador to orchestrate these players. We support setup, management and execution - or review & challenge your approach as YOUR independent advisory.


...a few of OUR CLIENT ENGAGEMENTS so far:

Project & Supplier Liaison Mgmt.
Project Management, Liaison Management (RFP design, contract negotiation and management) for complex SAP implementation;
IT & User Training
Training, PM Support
SAP Training for IT Team, Project Management Support, key artefact reviews for global SAP Template program
SAP CRM Trainer
CRM Trainer for SAP Trainings in Germany & Suisse,
Subcontractor for complex projects
SAP CRM Training & PM
Tailor Made SAP CRM Training,
Program Management Coaching
Individualized SAP Training
Individualized SAP CRM & Service Training
SAP Service & PM
SAP Service concept, implementation and global roll-out,
SAP CRM Training for Business & IT,
Project Management
SAP CRM Training
individualized SAP CRM Training for business & IT,
PM coaching
Virtual, global SAP CRM Training
Individualized virtual SAP Training (design, curriculum, delivery)
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...our latest DEVELOPMENTS:


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