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Our vision - for you

Large scale business transformation programs often can be massively improved by minimalistic infusion of expertise - just at the right time and in the right dosis. This often is not easy to find for clients - either at the beginning or in the middle of their journey.

This is where our mission starts - for you:

Purpose of SURIRO

After successful careers at SAP and various global consultancies SURIRO founders aim to close a gap: on the spot expertise for clients whenever they need it and in the dosis that makes sense.

Engagement models span from one-time interventions like e.g. program or concept reviews to interims management or expert support - fully scalable.

We want to enable our clients - so we consider know-how creation as a key success factor. Developing and delivering more than 45 training courses and for more than 600 experts is our KPI.

Three pillars form the foundation of our offering:

  1. Deep SAP know how from numerous successful projects around SAP solutions and integration of complex landscapes

  2. paired with Management Consulting skills from strategy to roadmap design - including mobilization and change management the essential human factor

  3. and a clear methodology for collaborative high-end problem solving

SURIRO Leadership Team

Managing Partner & CEO:    

Maren Kordes

Advisory Board & Partner:   

Martin Hack

Pillars of our offering


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