Why is Stefan Raab in a Startup-Event?

A valid question: why did Stefan Raab show up after two years of absence @ https://www.bitsandpretzels.com/ ?

Here is the answer:

Stefan Raab @ Bits&Pretzels 2017

he is an amazing entertainer & business man and has a great archive of stories to share, e.g. how he got there (besides of course dropping a little hint that he is producing a new show coming in autumn). Within one hour he was able to grab full attention of the 5000 spectators by pulling us on a journey through his development - casually enriched with a few inspirations and uncommon views - a real food for thought.


...sometimes it is a good idea to re-think the dimensions of evaluation - e.g. when you have no chance to e.g. be a good dancer - you still can be the best "bad dancer"...

...when being confronted with high expectations - sometimes it might make sense instead of trying to exceed (with risk to fail) to totally change the game and turn the story into something unexpected (that at minimum stays in the archives forever)...

Thanks to Stefan for sharing a ton of ideas & inspiration - for sure one climax of the Bits&Pretzels Event 2017!

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