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Suriro at "eTourism Fast Forward 2017" in Mayrhofen

...where does digital toursim go?

Great to see the way digitalization enters "eTourism Fast Forward 2017"!

Our Key Takeaways:

  • digital gadgets enter the private environments tools like chat-bots, voice-command based ecosystems & intelligent wearables offer new service levels in tourism. These digital tools enable new experience - and slowly the potential of digging into generated data-halos for more focuses marketing and service is getting obvious.

  • However - the key players tend to be the well-known global platforms. Taking ownership of generated user data is a key competency for future winners - on all levels of the tourism-value chain. There is no time to loose!

Great to be part of it - we look forward to the first data-lake projects and data-mining activities coming up soon.

Just by the way: SAP is also stepping in these industries - but were not at the event...

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