Industry 4.0 - from Germany to everywhere...

Last week in Berlin we could see the horizon crsystal clear:

at the it became obvious: after a furious start in Germany the industry 4.0 innovation has left shopfloor. That comes "back" to the cities to where the workers want to live: "clean production" evolves. Lotsize "1" and immediate delivery is key differentiator in some areas - setting the supply chain under stress. This leads to the need of e2e integration of information flow seamlessly - from production to products, including suppliers, routes to market - or customers / consumers.

First profit goes to suppliers of infrastructure platforms (connectivity, clearing, smart logistics) – but at the end the digital transformation is now part of consumer-goods suppliers, agriculture-vehicles, production plants suppliers - and even visions of collaborative production where humans and robots share the same work-cell get real. Software is the fuel for this - but must be done right. We stay tuned for you...

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