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Project Lead Coaching: "...always two steps ahead"

Suriro Solution:

An inidividual project leader coaching for review and refinement of key results - from independent perspective. Coaching as onsite sessions, phone support and offiste reviews - the sound basis for a successful program setup.


World market leader in trading assembly and fastening material located in 80 countries & 65.000 employees



A global SAP CRM template design and rollout is planned. After an initial SAP CRM training the project & program planning and setup required a set of fundamental decisions for e.g. architecture, approach and external supplier


Suriro - Consulting Products:

CRM Project Lead Coaching

Project / Program Planning

CRM Project Review

Project Charter Kit

Kick Off Kit

Suriro - Benefits Delivered:

  • In-flight review of critical project concepts

  • CRM supplier screening support

  • Program Setup support

  • Ongoing, multi-channel coaching model

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