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Innovationstag der Weltmarktführer

Updated: May 9

Sounds very German - but only on first glance. This high-end conference focusing on Energy and Sustainability in Erlangen bringing together key decision makers from Indusry, Research and Business was a blast. Our key takeaways:

  • there is still a lot of potential to improve for GErmany as such, on all levels of administration in regards of pure execution power (regulations, distributed and scattered responsibiliies etc.)

  • the research intensitry and international renomee is tremendous - a healthy race / sportive competition between university of Erlangen and Munich triggers outstanding results. A pattern for success also in other areas?

  • planning, business case calculation and tactical management of new energy infrastructure is highly complex - AI can help leveraging latest mathematical models. Combination of competencies makes the winners

  • a vast majority of these innovations require high-end software solutions - their design and creation is depending on interdisciplinary competency

  • no reason to be pessimistic - when we do it right we can stand the internal and external challenges - but there is a lot of work ahead

Special highligt was the "Staatsempfang" the day before with Minister of State Joachim Herrmann, MdL & member of the Bavarian State Parliament since 1994 and Bavarian Minister of the Interior since 2007.

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