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Training - exactly as YOU need it



"Why is training not custom fit - to my needs and individual skillset?"


We create your individual learning curriculum aligned with your specific requirments. Whether you need a basic learning experience, a refresher or want to prepare for a certification - we make it happen. 

You have a distributed team, an entire program or want to include your business users?

wherever you like to go - we make it happen

Suriro Solution:

We tailor to your needs - means we do a comprehensive planning regarding

  • blended learning approach - consisting of e.g. pre-reads, virtual classroom sessions, collaborative learning journeys, classroom trainings as well as individual coaching after the sessions.
    RESULT: training map, curriculum and training plan

  • we create the related presentations and hands-on-exercises - aligned with your program / project strategy.
    RESULT: training material

  • on request we customize / setup your training system: creation of demo-scenario and environment.
    RESULT: your training environment - an integral part of your training - and later rollout

Relevant for

CIOs, Project Managers & their IT team focusing on a large scale CRM implementation



Launching a CRM program is an essential task - you lay the ground for later program success. Educated CRM lead and team is teh prerequisite for sound decisions.

How to create your curriculum based on individual skillsets - considering your project locations and setups?

Suriro - Consulting Products:

Skills Review

Learning Curriculum

Training System & Scenario

Individual Training Documents

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