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Process design, prototyping, implementation & user training: "mobilize to the max"


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During a global SAP template program integrated process consulting as well as dedicated proposals for setup of key-scenarios in SAP were requested.

Leverage of "out-of-the box" features was key - without endangering end-user buy-in.

An integrated approach for process design, rapid prototyping and later end user training was needed.


Suriro Solution:

SAP integration workshops were conducted to

  • ensure apropriate leverage of SAP standard

  • relevant processes and features were prepared and demonstrated in process design workshops as basis for close business & IT alignment

  • the processes were documented and approved - and implemented

  • in parallel a comprehensive training concept and curriclum was developed as key-mobilization instrument for template roll-out

  • training format and content was designed and the training creation team was managed

  • comprehensive training was delivered to more than 400 end-users 

and the successful go-live and cutover was the perfect honoration of our efforts.

Suriro - Benefits Delivered:

  • Seamless project methodology - from use case down to roll-out

  • Improvements in business & IT cooperation via processes, policies - and intercultural understanding

  • Methodical delivery approach as basis for multishore delivery model to leverage scale effects and labour arbitrage

Suriro - Consulting Products:

SAP Template Planning Approach

Industrialized Rollout Kit

Effort Estimation Tool

Project Planning Framework

Project Management Kit

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