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CRM Roadmap Development: "plan before you sprint"


Global provider of enterprise telecommunication solutions and services



Various Front- and Backend  solutions exist but require integration and further enhancement. Business team prepared a set of strategic initiatives - alignment with architecture,  feasiblility and timeline was lagging. Initial as well as frequent update process for architecture landscape needed.

Suriro Solution:

Methodology driven approach to run

  • opportunity assessment incl. SWAT analysis, valuation of benefits and costs per opportunity, dependency and sequence modeling

  • implementation risk & effort scoring model as basis for prioritization

  • architectural maturity level design

  • CRM implementation roadmap development, Project Kick-Off & Mobilisation Event

  • Program management governance model

and continuous project review and coaching

Suriro - Consulting Products:

CRM Roadmap Development

CRM Architecture Review

Project / Program Planning


Suriro - Benefits Delivered:

  • Strong, proven methodology

  • Reproducable approach for later refinement or re-planning

  • Business & IT aligned in ONE approach

  • "Hot-Spots" identified and properly manageable

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