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Interims Project & Supplier Liaison Management


As interims project lead for the ERP & SAP CRM backbone a review lead to a need of a replacement of external suppliers and a re-planning of the overall project. Stringent (internal) project management was essential to fill the gap until fixed employment was reached.


Suriro Solution:

Acting as experienced internal project lead during the phase of termination and re-setup of contract with external supplier managing scoping, planning and RFP strategy and supporting on-boarding of new internal project lead.


National association of music authors & composers for managing and claiming of remuneration for copyrights / intellectual properties worldwide with more than 70.000 members

Suriro - Consulting Products:

  • CRM Project Lead Coaching

  • Project / Program Planning

  • CRM Project Review

  • Interims Management

  • Contractual Review & Exit Support

  • RFP Design, Supplier Selection & onboarding

Suriro - Benefits Delivered:

  • Managed supplier transition

  • Professional RFP design,
    execution & negotiation support

  • Competent internal project management & smooth on-boarding of succeeding internal expert

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